Terms & Disclaimer

We encourage you to thoroughly  become familiar with our terms and conditions, both as a prospective buyer or seller.


Advertising rates are 4% of the eventual sale price for full brokerage service. Sport Aircraft Sales will assist you to create listings and advise on photos and presentation of the aircraft for sale. 

Sport Aircraft Sales will automatically cancel listings after 12 months unless we are notified otherwise. Exclusive agreement to sell is for 120 days. If after 120 days the aircraft sells, commission is payable, unless the Seller has notified Sport Aircraft Sales in writing to cancel the contract. Minimum fee $1500.00 irrespective of eventual sale price.

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that technical details and registration information is correct for that type and model

of aircraft/engine/equipment. It is the responsibility of both the buyer and seller to ensure that they each conduct the relevant checks and due diligence. They should not rely on information provided by Sport Aircraft Sales or each other to determine accuracy of information.

Sport Aircraft Sales takes no responsibility for the technical accuracy of the details and information provided. This includes, but is not limited to: engine, propeller or airframe hours, equipment, condition of interior/exterior, aircraft history, flight speeds, fuel flow, BEW / MTOW or aircraft flight characteristics.


Equally, buyers should beware that the seller represents the aircraft accurately and we highly recommend that you have the aircraft inspected by a licensed LAME and inspect it yourself prior to purchase. Sport Aircraft Sales cannot accept responsibility for misrepresentations or inaccurate information.

Brokerage services are provided subject to a Brokerage agreement which will be signed by both parties. Sport Aircraft Sales provides a service that seeks to facilitate the introduction of two parties to facilitate the sale of an aircraft and ensure that there is a smooth transition of ownership. It does not purport or represent itself to be an escrow service, legal advice service, marketing consultancy or specialists in aeronautical, structural or mechanical engineering. No funds will be held on behalf of any party in trust. Sales contracts signed will be between the buyer and the seller only, and funds, including deposits, will transfer between the buyer and seller only. It is important that both parties do not rely on the information provided by Sport Aircraft Sales, their agents or employees and conduct their own due diligence in all matters relating to the sale.

If you have any questions about the above, or any other matter, we encourage you to discuss with us.