Vans RV-6




It's hard to believe that the RV-6 first flew in 1985! Thirty six years later and the demand for one THE most popular kit aircraft EVER, is still strong. And of course Van's fans can't build a full kit in 2021, so the demand-supply curve is shifting quickly.


This aircraft represents everything that a pre-owned RV-6 should feature; built by the current owner with the Van's-recommended engine / propeller combination, nil damage history, low-mid-range hours, a healthy mix of modern avionics and classic guages, and an option to upgrade and make everything customised - to suit your individual needs. 


Year: 2004

Registration: VH-MVM

Serial: V240

Airframe Total Time: 824.6hrs


Engine type: Lycoming O-320D1A

Engine serial: L-18721-39A

Engine Total Time: 824.6hrs (since factory new)

Last compressions: 76, 76, 76, 78 / 80


Propeller type: Sensenich 70CM7S9-0-8079 metal (fixed pitch)

Propeller serial number: 31455K

Propeller Total Time: 824.6hrs since factory new



Standard analogue flight instruments 

Dynon D-100 EFIS

Garmin AERA 660 Panel mounted GPS

ICOM IC-A200 COMM radio

Bendix/King KT76A Transponder (incl Mode C) 

Micro Electronic Encoder (Rocky Mountains Instruments) 

FlightCom Intercom (Lower Panel)

Digitrak Auto Pilot (slaved to the GPS for track following)

Autopilot Altitude Engage (White ALT) (Altrak)

Garmin 111 Portable but panel mounted GPS (serviceable - needs battery to retain data)


Other avionics / features:

Alternator Low Voltage Warning (Red ALT)

Oil Pressure Minimum Warning

Altitude Alert

Altrak Three position sensitivity switch

Four Condition Lights



Altitude Encoder

Angle of Attack Indicator (Dynon Pitot/AofA Tube installed)

Renewable CO2 detector Sensor

Hobbs Meter (lower Panel, records Airborne time)

Visual Stall Warning Light (Top of panel)

LED Elevator Trim position Indicator 

CHT selector (No.2 cylinder is operative)

Panel Mounted TRIM rocker switch

CoPilot PTT (Lower Panel)

Panel Mounted FLAP switch

Left and Right Fuel Gauges (aerobatic pickup installed in the Port tank)

Micro Monitor Engine Management System (Rocky Mountains Instruments / display  readable)


Other features / extras:


Lower Panel carrying all switches and Air Vent controls

“Jump Start” external battery connection

1 x Peltor noise cancelling headset

Jacking equipment

Tie down kit

Canopy cover

Mould for port side hollow type wheel fairing (starbord side replaced)


Current items requiring attention:

- Intermittent lighting fault (landing & position)

- Intermittent trim position indicator 



Cruise: 145kts IAS at SL @75% power

BEW: 514kg (including tie downs)

MTOW: 746kg

Fuel / tanks: 140ltrs / 2 tanks


Aircraft logboioks complete and available: Yes


Builder: Current owner

Location: Mangalore, VIC


Storage history: Hangager since new (fully enclosed, concrete)

Interior: 7.5/10

Exterior: 7/10 (some paint touchups required / negotiated as part of sale, if required)


Contact Nicholas Christie at Sport Aircraft Sales on +61(0)3 95311018 / or 0466649868 for a confidential discussion, or email


Vans RV-6