Tecnam P92TD


This beautifully presented, factory-built Tecnam is THE ultimate Cross-country aircraft! With low total, engine and prop times, Garmin 695 colour moving map / Dynon D2, UHF radio, and cargo pod (among many other features), it offers economy, reliability and utility - and is especially suited to country airstrips.


Go away on a 400nm camping trip with two x 80kg people, fuel, 40kg of baggage - and still have all your fuel reserves and bank balance in tact!


Alternatively, any flight school would value this tail wheel aircraft for endorsements, ab-initio training and private hire!


Total time: 552 hrs

Year built: 2012

Registration: 24-8640

Airframe serial: 1423


Engine type: Rotax 912ULS

Engine serial number: LS-164-0612

Engine hours: 552hrs


Propeller type: Bolly 3 blade

Propeller serial number: BOS 3 68X58FR

Propeller hours: 96hrs



Garmin 695 moving map GPS

Dynon EMS D-10 Engine Management System

Garmin SL40 VHF Com radio

Garmin GTX327 Transponder

GME UHF radio

JPl FS 450 Fuel computer

Dynon D2 EFIS

2 place intercom


Work that needs to be completed / pending (list): Nil

Accident history details: Mainwheel collapse Oct 2018 at 458hrs


Engine History: Full strip & lnspection including crankshaft & gearbox

IAW Rotax manual, following mainwhel collapse.


Storage history: Always hangared

Registration status / Expiry dates: June, 2022


Other notes / upgrades:

Reinforced U/C with Airvan wheels & tyres

Factory cargo pod


Hangarage & condition:

Aircraft always hangered (Victoria) & in immaculate condition 9/10


Cruise: 105kts IAS at SL (75% power)

BEW: 346kg

MTOW: 600kg

Fuel Capacity / no. of tanks: 95L / 2 x wing tanks


Aircraft logbooks complete & available? Yes


Location airport: Coongulla, Gippsland, Victoria (near Glenmaggie)


* Calculation indicative only. Aircraft W&B data in flight manual, NIL wind assumed (weather to be considered).

** GST additional (contact us to enquire)


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Tecnam P92TD