Jabiru J-120C


This factory built J-120 is an economical, private hour builder or RAAus ab-initio trainer and comes with a transponder. This aircraft is fitted with a hydraulic lifter 2200 engine with plenty of hours to run  and a very low time propeller.


Year: 2008

Registration:  24-5468 (factory built)

Location airport: Milingimbi

Airframe Serial Number: 007

Engine type: 2200B

Engine serial number: 2B24 (hydraulic lifter)

Engine Hours: 772hrs

Total airframe time:  772hrs


Accident history / details:

Minor prop strike resulting in earlier fitting of new prop, no issue since & no damage found in engine on required inspections.


Propeller type: Jabiru carbon fiber replacement

Propeller serial number: 4A48200D

Propeller hours: 113hrs

Storage history: Always hangared



Tacho /MGL engine gauge set incl. CHT/EGT oil press.& temp

Bat meter, fuel flow meter


Microair radio /transponder

USB charge ports


Work that needs to be completed / pending (list):

Re-fit fuel-flow meter



Cruise speed:  100kts


BEW: / MTOW: 280kg/ 500kg


Fuel Capacity / no. of tanks: 1 tank / 60 litres

Aircraft logbooks complete & available? Yes


All extras included in the sale: Basic jabiru toolkit & some spare parts


Other notes:

Punkinhead aircraft cover & plugs for all ports on aircraft

Leading edges of wings/tailplane/fin have been coated to provide protection


Engine compressions last inspection : 75/76/78/77

Fuel flow: 14- 15 litres /hr


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Jabiru J-120C