Glasair Super II RG (Project)


Over 1200 Glasair II aircraft had been built by 2014 after it was launched in 1989 as a kit - with the type enjoying its current status as one of the most popular two-seat amateur built aircraft ever designed. Fast, economical and capable in both touring and aerobatics, the Glasair family was first flight tested in 1979 by Tom Hamilton (Glasair TD).


This beautifully constructed aircraft is estimated at 80% complete, and includes wings to final finishing stage, fuselage, factory new engine and propeller and a number of sub-kits, optional pre-moulded fibreglass instrument panel, multiple accessories, jacks and stands, long-range tip tanks and jigs to complete the project.


Noting that a new kit, sub-kits, engine, propeller and extras would likely be approaching AUD$200,000 (excluding build time), this aircraft has been priced to sell.


Genuine offers will be considered.


Year: 2022

Kit purchase date: 2010

Airframe serial: 2480


Engine: Lycoming YIO-360-B1E (180HP)

Engine Serial: EL-36950-51E

Engine hours: 0hrs

Engine notes: Factory new engine (SB632A compliant)


Propeller: Hartzell CSU VP Metal 2-blade

Propeller serial: HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497

Propeller hours: 0hrs (since factory new)


Avionics: Not supplied


Storage history: Kits and materials boxed and/or in hangar

Location airport: Mangalore, VIC


Empty: 635 kg (approx.)

MTOW: 997kg


Cruise speed: 190-195kts TAS @ 8000 ft

Stall speed: 63 kts

Range: 1,520 nm

Rate of climb: 2,700 ft/min 


Fuel capacity: 306ltrs useable with 2 tip tanks

Build logbooks: Available & complete to date


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Glasair Super II RG (Project)