Aeropup project (with Rotax 912 - 80hp)


The Aeropup comes pre-assembled to 49% with all the tube cutting, welding and coating already complete. The fuselage is a fully welded 4130N chrome-moly steel tube, and the aircraft assembly takes just 400 hours (around half that of the easiest-to-put-together Van's, the RV-12).


This kit has all the main components to complete, including a Rotax 80HP engine that was running well when removed from a flight training aircraft (logs available).


Year: 2020

Total airframe time: N/A


Engine type: Rotax 912ULS (80hp)

Engine Hours: 950hrs (approx)

Engine History: Logbooks available from new


Propeller type: 3 blade bolly hub (no blades)


Storage history:

Always kept in clean, dry workshop during build


Avionics list (including standard instruments & radios): N/A


All extras included in the sale:

Rotax engine complete

Seat harnesses

All coverings and sheet metal required to complete build

Composite for windows/doors and windshield


Work that needs to be completed / pending (list):

Rigging flight controls

Covering airframe

Firewall forward


Trim & seats

Landing gear


Reason for sale: Seller has a employment that will not allow time nor space to complete build.


Location airport: Armidale NSW (home storage)


Stall speed: 35kts (approx)

Cruise speed: 70kts (approx.)

Takeoff distance: 79 metres (approx.)

Landing distance: 90 metres (approx.)


BEW: / MTOW: 750kg (approx.) / 600kg LSA

Payload: 150kg


Max Crosswind: 14kts

Max. Operating: 80kts

Loads: +5.8G / -3G



No. of tanks / fuel capacity: 2 tanks/  90 litres

Aircraft logbooks complete & available? Yes



Wings have been extended by previous builder. Expect a lower stall and cruise speed from published (subject to flight testing)! 

- Tyres and some basic hardware store supplies are not included with this kit, but easily attainable.

- Avionics will be the new owner's choice and do not come supplied. 

- Fast sale preferred, genuine offers will be considered 


Contact Nicholas Christie at Sport Aircraft Sales on +61(0)3 95311018 / or 0466649868 for a confidential discussion, or email

Aeropup project (with Rotax 912 - 80hp)