Aeropup 2 seat


Aircraft / kit manufacturer: Aeropup 

Model:  Aeropup 2 seat

Year:  2006

Registration:  Never registered

Total airframe time:  0

Builder / history: Current owner (full photographic build log available)

Airframe Serial Number:  20/20


Engine type: Aerovee 80 HP

Engine serial number: 0456

Engine Hours:  0

Engine notes: Aerovee engine comes with Aerocarb upflow carburator, and Aerovee baffle kit. Also includes gascolator, oil filter and oil cooler. Various AN nuts and bolts


Propeller type: Brent Thompson (NZ) wood (Specific for Aerovee engine)

Propeller serial number: N/A

Propeller hours: 0

Storage history: Always in shed / hangar



Standard VDO engine instruments,

Balan ball

Microair M760 radio


Work that needs to be completed / pending (list):

All airframe construction is complete, and all fabric covering is complete, but needs to be painted with Polyfiber products (full details available on request)


Summary: Most work required is firewall forward. Engine has been mounted but removed. Requires completion of front engine cowl, wiring, oil system and fuel system installation.


Reason for sale:

Shed not big enough for two aircraft


Registration status / Expiry dates: Not applicable

Accident history / details: Nil damage


Cruise speed:

85-100 kts (65%-85% power)


Fuel Capacity / no. of tanks: 54 liters in two tanks

Aircraft logbooks complete & available? N/A (Build logs available)


Location airport: Home Shed


Other information:

- Aeropup parts are still being made in Queensland and are available. E-mail for any further information

- Original construction manuals for Aeropup and Aerovee engine available. New 2021 Construction manual in pdf form available.

- Spinner modified to fit wood propellor.

- Throttle quadant and trim lever with fabricated fittings for the airframe.

- Covered seats and seat belts.

- Polyfiber fabric documentation and spare Stits fabric. Polyfiber products available from Aviaquip in Melbourne.


Contact Nicholas Christie at Sport Aircraft Sales on +61(0)3 95311018 / 0466649868 for a confidential discussion, or email