Aircraft Finance


Financing an aircraft requires a broker / financier that understands aircraft. That's why Sport Aircraft Sales has teamed up with Finlease; a specialist company with brokers that understand why you are buying an aircraft, how it can be utilised as a business capital purchase and who will look at providing finance to you.

Importantly, the first thing you need to have is a business structure of some sort; that is, the aircraft use must be able to be shown to be for business purposes. Secondly, you will need to show in income (an ability to repay), and lastly, you will need a down-payment (deposit) on the aircraft.

Contact our Sport Aircraft Sales dedicated broker, Amit to discuss your options!

Use code 'SPORTAIRSALES18' by e-mail, or let Finlease know that we sent you, what aircraft that you want to purchase, and the value of the investment.

Amit Choksi (Finlease)

Ph. 0409264222