July 23, 2020

NICHOLAS CHRISTIE provides his opinion on the risks of always relying on written checklists. (Article originally published at www.aopa.com.au)

When I started flying, my instructor handed me a green covered, floppy-bound handbook with a photocopied list of aircraft speed...

October 7, 2019

When I called AOPA Member, Dave Berenholtz to discuss catching up to see his Long EZ aircraft (pronounced 'EE-ZEE' because the 'yanks' pronounce things strangely), I was excited. I knew a few things about Dave, like that he had been some months full time on the project...

October 7, 2019

Sometimes, when you want something enough, you’ll fly to the corners of the… country to get it. That’s what British-born Steve Allen did when he saw that the South African-built (Australian) STOL Champion aircraft was up for sale. And as you read this, it’s very likely...

September 24, 2018

We uncover the complexities of a new era in Australian aviation and explain how ‘kicking the can down the street’ might simply delay the inevitable for RAAus.

Formerly the Australian Ultralight Federation - and operating under a myriad of exemptions and delegations...

August 1, 2018

A history of the Glasair design by Stoddard-Hamilton, from the Glasair I to the Glasair III Super (Turbo), which is still regarded as the best performing single engine composite aircraft.

April 11, 2018


Having travelled to Poland in 2004 for a few days while living in Europe, I have a great respect for the determination, hard work and tenacious spirit of its people. I also believe their best days are yet to come because, like most of the post-S...

February 21, 2018

A guide to selling your Sport Aircraft!

January 23, 2018

Part 1 - The decision

It took just one sip of my Iced Almond Milk Coffee at my favourite cafe near the airport to work out what the title for this piece was going to be. I needed something that explained clearly and succinctly what my experience levels were when I took...

January 17, 2018

The Bat Hawk has been tried and proven as a capable champion in Africa. How will this translate at it spreads its wings into other Light Sport Aircraft markets?

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