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September 24, 2018

We uncover the complexities of a new era in Australian aviation and explain how ‘kicking the can down the street’ might simply delay the inevitable for RAAus.

Formerly the Australian Ultralight Federation - and operating under a myriad of exemptions and delegations - the privately operated not-for-profit company has a membership of around 9000, and a board of Dire...

August 1, 2018

A history of the Glasair design by Stoddard-Hamilton, from the Glasair I to the Glasair III Super (Turbo), which is still regarded as the best performing single engine composite aircraft.

April 11, 2018


Having travelled to Poland in 2004 for a few days while living in Europe, I have a great respect for the determination, hard work and tenacious spirit of its people. I also believe their best days are yet to come because, like most of the post-Soviet-Union ‘Eastern Block’ States, this is a country that will thrive once access to improved infras...

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Our enthusiasm is real.

Sport Aircraft Sales is owned & operated by an active SAAA AOPA & RAAus member, current aircraft builder and Commercial Pilot with extensive Flight Instructor experience. When you speak with Nicholas Christie, you're speaking to someone with significant Management, Corporate Business, Sales & Marketing experience, professional integrity - and a genuine understanding of the Sport Aviation sector.

So, WHY Sport Aircraft exclusively?

We believe that the Sport Aircraft segment is growing fast worldwide because of the passion of the people within it. The rise of the segment is because of the knowledge, experience and dedication to safety & community that's shared amongst its members. Sure, there's some fantastic aircraft around, at affordable prices, but there's an inherent trust amongst members and a willingness to keep the segment safe and enjoyable for all, without the need for over-regulation and red tape.


That's why we know it will continue to grow.

We hope you enjoy the site as we develop it and that you contact us to discuss the sale or purchase of your new Sport Aircraft! We're here to help you sell and buy Sport Aircraft. Contact us today!

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Tyabb VIC 3913, Australia

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