Van's RV-14


This immaculately built aircraft has been equipped with every conceivable option, including ignition control module, cockpit controlled adjustable smoke system, adjustable anti-lock braking system, RAM-air manifold intake, external starting and engine heating points - and heated leather seats, to name just a few. 


Registration VH-YZE

Build year: 2017
Colour: 2-pack white, with fully removable decals

Total time airframe: 60 hours

Engine: Lycoming IO-390 angle valve engine (210hp)

Engine hours: 60hrs since new


External Engine starting port (if battery dead)

External engine heating port (for engine pre-heating in cold weather)

RAM-air intake for intake manifold (additional 10hp in cruise), cockpit controlled
Sports exhaust

P-Mags (dual) with inbuilt alternator
EI-Commander ignition control module (adjust timing on the fly and live ignition system report)
Iridium high-performance spark plugs


Hartzell Constant speed Hydraulic 2-blade prop
Engine and prop, dynamically balanced - vibration <0.04 IPS


Wheels & brake system:
Beringer High Performance CNC machined Wheels with High Performance Tires
Beringer differential hydraulic disc brakes ( with adjustable anti-lock system)

Dynon Sky view System (dual screens)

AVMap Ultra EFIS (back up redundant system, independent of Dynon with ADF/VOR/HSI)
Dual ADAHRS, 2 axis auto pilot, electric trim control
GPS2020 Compliant (plus addition GPS250)
Mode-S Class 1 Transponder (ADSB-OUT)

X-Com Radio with 2-way intercom (with Bose LEMO connectors)
Dynon Wi-Fi

Fuel Flow sensor

Other equipment:

Smoke System (with adjustable smoke output)
Heated Leather Seats ( 2 settings - low/high).
12V high output power supply for luggage compartment (to run a fridge)
USB charging ports ( x4)

Rudder pedal controlled steerable tail wheel (auto engage/disengage)
Active CO (carbon monoxide monitor) with audio-visual alarm
Reverse NACA scoops ( for creating cockpit negative pressure - smoke removal)
Fixed ELT (in tail cone)
VPX-Pro (electronic fuse system)- full control and status report via Dynon Screen.
Traffic Monitoring / Collision avoidance
Dynon ADSB-IN (SV-ADSB-472)
Power Flarm Core (independent System) with ADSB-IN, Flarm-In (for glider detection), Flarm-Out (for visibility to gliders), TFT colour screen monitor (FlarmView57) with 1000ft proximity warning LED (FlarmACL)
Strobe lights, landing lights, wig-wam Lights

External camera adapter

Lithium Battery

Heated Pitot tube



Stall Speed (flaps down) 51kts

Best rate of climb 95kts

Never exceed 200kts

Cruise: 160kts @ SL 75% Power

Cockpit noise: Measured during taxi at 45dB; extremely quiet & minimal vibration. 


Hangared: Always

Accident history: Nil

Location: Lilydale, Victoria


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Vans RV-14


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